I see you out there.

Passionate about your business. Pouring your heart and soul into it because you want to give value to your clients. You’re on a mission to help the world.

Me too. My mission is to help you do it!

I’m Em, the creator and owner of Cactus Llama.

I’m thrilled you are here.

With a bachelor’s degree from Monash University in Multimedia Systems, along with a 13 year marketing career spanning local government, tourism and the health and fitness industry, I am a marketing expert.

Social media is where it’s at. If your business is not on social media, it’s not reaching its full potential.  If your business is on social media but not getting organic engagement converting to sales, it’s not reaching its full potential.

You have an untapped market and I can help you reach it.

From coaching you to discover your ‘why’, the cornerstone behind all great marketing, to implementing a strategy to get you noticed (read: more sales) I am your guru! I am always up to date with the latest social media marketing strategies, so you don’t have to be.

Check out my services and simply decide, do you want to jump on board my coaching program so you have the knowledge and confidence to smash your socials, or let me do it all for you by selecting one of my social media management packages.

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